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Don't Mess with Shelby Gore unless you want problems, 11 men have died at her hand. It's life and death and Shelby plans to keep living forever.
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Shelby is a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore, rather much used to having her own way. Star of the Track & Field team at Cedarville High, winning by setting new school records: 4-minute mile. Pole vaulting, broad jump, 200-meter dash, this girl is FAST. …and not just on the track. Stories around this town say she has dated every boy in the entire high school. Some credit her with at least 5 inappropriate relationships with teachers. It is well known that she has the athletic coach wrapped around her little finger. This young girl has always known she is very appealing to the male population. There have been no complaints filed ever.

Seems the coach plays golf up at The Hill with Colonel Ted Sanders, chairman of the Cedarville State Bank. One day back in 1984, Sanders wanted him to clock the twelve-year-old girl running on their two-mile-long track. Seven minutes flat, but she is only in the sixth grade. Other students’ parents would not let him include her on the High School track team.

Susie Wilson was her Best Friend, Not one word in the last 6 1/2 months, though these girls had been friends for over 15 years. Both girls love boys, but neither have developed a lasting relationship with a boy their own age. Shelby went to the Junior-Senior Prom when she was in the eighth grade. Then last year as a freshman, she had two escorts. She made the high school track team at age 14 while in the eighth grade, the school needed a winner.

The Friday-night parties at the Gore home started when Shelby was only ten. Most weekends over 100 high school students attended, year-round. A 12-person hot-tub/spa on the screened-in back porch, with drop down bad weather curtains and an outdoor propane fireplace. Sure beat having to park on some backroad and getting caught by the cops. Parking next to the town square is even worse since the new Police substation was built on the southwest corner.

Shelby & Susie
Shelby & Susie, Best Friends
Shelby sizzles 24/7

Maybe this dress is a little bit daring for a teenage girl to wear to school, Shelby got told to go to the office. One phone call, she went back to class wearing the same dress. There have been rumors about this girl, the athletic coach, the science teacher, math teacher, the principal & superintendent. Just rumors!

Cedarville Steel, Young’s Family & Home, and Cedarville State Bank have donated a beautiful gymnasium, a new football stadium with rubber running track, and a new state of the art science lab.

Just rumors, no one has ever gotten in trouble even when Shelby got the cheerleaders to perform topless at a football practice. There was an all-high school assembly the very next day, telling students this should never happen again. At which Shelby got up and asked why boys can go topless and girls can’t. Then pulled her top up and asked: “Do you really think any boy has a better looking top than I do?”

Now, things are getting bad, this 5-foot eight-inch cutie has not had one boy ask her out since she turned 16. That was September 28 of last year, today is Thursday April 14, 1988. There are no boys, only one man she is interested in and will do anything to get his attention.

Shelby Gore first saw William L. Johnson at the church she attends with her family. The girl was only nine, and he was with Kare-Ann Young who owns Young’s chain of stores. Right then, she knew this was the man she wanted for her own. He is her dad’s boss at the Steel plant, six-foot-six and oriental. Oh, there is no question he has noticed her, most probably every man in town has noticed her: five foot eight, 135 pounds of well-tanned, filled-out young woman.

Over the next few years, Kare-Ann has tried her best to build a friendship with the now teenager. Using her as a model for the Young’s weekly store ads. Though it’s well known that the week after the Steel plant’s 1987 4th of July picnic, Kare-Ann told Shelby to never come back to her office again. She gave the teenager a scolding for her actions involving Willie after the volleyball game. The next week a black-walnut box of expensive jewelry was dropped in Shelby’s grocery sack.

William L. Johnson came from Bogota, Colombia SA back in the 1960s with his companion and friend Kare-Ann Young. It had been decided that as the CEO of the company, PSL Holdings LTD, they needed to buy the three steel fabrication plants in this area. Cedarville, Simple City, and Marshland to build parts for their Advanced Aircraft plant at Mtn. High. This aircraft building facility is operated with help from the 20,000 USAF personnel stationed here. Military are well known for not being able to hold their liquor. This has caused many stories to get started, like: “We build flying saucers that fly all over the Universe.”

When Willie and Kare-Ann arrived, there were no engineers within the surrounding area that could use the company’s advanced technology. To overcome this problem, the couple made a deal with a nearby university to train engineers in their advanced technology. For over ten years, Willie and Kare-Ann lived at Cedarville and commuted to Rolla. Their home was at The Hill, a 1400-acre high security compound built just for PSL company executives. This complex is contained within the Consulate General of Colombia SA as are all the company’s holdings in south Missouri.

1981: William L. Johnson became General Manager of Cedarville Steel, continuing as CEO of PSL Holdings LTD. The later post he’s held for a very long time. Not a lot of history is available about this man, he’s Willie Johnson from Colombia. What more does anyone need to know? He drives expensive cars and dresses very well. Employees pay checks always clear, and the town of Cedarville is doing quite well. Cedarville High School got a new gymnasium, football field, and science lab donated with the help of Johnson and friends.

Colonel Ted Sanders, president of PSL, and chairman of Cedarville State Bank was asked about Willie’s age. “Must be a few thousand years old, I guess.” Sanders also lives up at The Hill with his two gorgeous wives, Jessica and Jodie. This family are and always have been very close friends of the Gores. Marcella Gore, Shelby’s mom does computer work from her basement home office for the Sanders wives. This has continued since moving here in 1972. Gus Gore is third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel, with a new GMC 4×4 pickup each year and the large ranch style home on west Main Street.

Willie Johnson
William L. Johnson
Jodie and Jessica
Jodie Meyer & Jessica

The Sanders wives keep the old ladies of Cedarville talking; “WHY does any man need more than one wife?” After twenty years in this community, people are getting used to seeing them together. Jessica and Ted attend church together each Sunday at the Community of Christ church in Cedarville. Jodie attends the Catholic church at Mtn. High with other of her friends.

Both women hold the rank of Colonel, while both are licensed attorneys, and C.P.A.s. They jointly manage the affairs of the SLQ Trust, which is a major investment part of PSL Holdings LTD., Bogota, Colombia SA. Cedarville has several secrets; these women are just one of those secrets. They make sure those bits of information remain SECRETS not known to the public.

Marcella Gore, Shelby’s mom does computer work in her home basement office for these women. The Sanders keep Shelby’s horse up at The Hill, plus this young girl uses all the luxury facilities daily as if she owns the place. The running track at The Hill is where the High School Athletic Coach first saw Shelby running.

The Coach was playing golf with Ted Sanders; Ted said, “You’ve got to watch this girl run.” Twelve years old and made a complete lap of the two-mile track in seven minutes flat. Stopping to talk with her friends at the end of the lap, not even breathing hard. A few days later, the coach met Shelby again at school, inviting her into his office to talk. He offered to be her personal trainer, coming to The Hill to help her learn to control her young body.

Shelby is NOT bashful; she has always known what she wants out of her young life. He was allowed to come up to The Hill to give the young girl special training. Yes, a relationship did develop, but only at The Hill where everything is very private. OK, it was NOT okay, but Shelby has most usually gotten her own way. The summer after she turned twelve, this girl killed ten men extorting Social Security money from old folks. Local cops had been no help in protecting the senior citizens. Ted Sanders video-taped the whole battle in complete gory detail.

To celebrate turning twelve, the next day after her birthday September 29, her mother was driving to Ava to do some shopping at Wal-Mart. Shelby got let out at the downtown square to shop by herself. Her ever-present Security Detail already knew what she was planning. Shelby headed straight to the Jewelry Shop, to talk with the owner. “Do you do nipple piercing?”

The middle-aged man recognized her as the model he’d seen many times in area newspapers. He answered: “Sure do.” and handed her the standard liability agreement which she read and signed, not paying attention to the minimum age requirement. Shelby looked to easily be at least 18, so there was no problem. Locking the front door, he took her back to his private office to do the work. With her top removed, she was the most beautiful young woman he’d ever been this close to.

His mind was racing, but he could keep himself in control. There were many questions to ask this gorgeous creature, and she was quite free with her answers. Choosing a pair of dreamcatchers from his selection of jewelry. She thanked him, paid, and gave him a little extra something that nearly blew his mind.

As she came outside, her mom was waiting with a couple members of the Security Detail and asked: “Did it hurt much? I’ve been thinking about having mine done.”

Keeping Fit
Shelby age 12
Shelby 12th birthday
Shelby Gore turned 12

What would be considered by most people a traumatic event, never seemed to bother this not even a teenager in the least. As a 12-year-old young woman, Shelby appeared much older because of the way her young body had developed. The Friday night parties were kept secret, known about only by the attendees. Susie had been dating high school boys early on too, though she is eight inches shorter than her friend. It’s no wonder these parties have been such a hit; but now something else has happened…

By the time these two hot young girls were ten and eleven the Friday night parties were the “IN PLACE” to be. Free food, soft drinks, and whatever you might need… Shelby’s mom would come out at the beginning of each Friday night to explain the rules: 

When I was fourteen, my parents were murdered, I was taken to a home for run-away girls. At first, I thought I would die. Raped and man-handled by a dozen and sometimes many more outlaw bikers for days on end. When I was taken back to the girls’ home, I was forced to watch a girl I knew from school as she was tortured until she died. For four years I was a teen-prostitute taking care of mostly old men every night. I never got pregnant because I learned to follow certain rules …there are no short-cuts and there will be no problems. Need someone to talk to, I’m a good listener.

Marcella’s beautiful, tanned body was the topic on Mondays of every young boy’s conversation that had attended the Friday night party. No one mentioned she was wearing a white bikini, much like the one her daughter was always wearing. The two good looking blondes in the Gore family do stand out in any gathering. The mailman, UPS, and FedEx drivers like to brag about what they get to see at the Gore home. Pierced nipples need to be shown whenever you can.

Susie Wilson
Susie Wilson age 13
Henry "Hank" Fulk

Henry "Hank" Fulk

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