Escape from HELL!

Escape from Hell!

How GOD Delivered Marcella Prine...

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Hank's Second Book:

Escape from HELL!

Marcy at Home
14-year-old Marcy Prine

How GOD Delivered Marcella Prine...

Marcella “Marcy” Prine was living the good life that all 14-year-old teenagers dream of: nice ranch-style home on Lake Springfield, in ground heated pool, straight-A student. My parents: John and Carolyn have taken me to church each Sunday morning and night. John Prine my father was a very successful lawyer, senior partner in the Prine-Walters PA law firm. Everything was just perfect, until about 2:00 a.m. one night in the spring of 1968: Marcy got up and went to the kitchen for a drink. On the way back to my room, I noticed a light under the door to my parent’s bedroom. I stopped, put my ear up to their door, and listened; my young heart hit the floor as I heard my father telling my mother how Tommy Walters has become a local crime boss.

 At school, I knew a couple girls my age that had told me they were to turning tricks for Tommy’s friends, OR… Get gang raped by a bunch of outlaw bikers that run for the Big Boss out of Tulsa. Both had run away from home when they were twelve, shortly got picked up by Springfield Police. The Greene County Home for Run-away Girls is where they both now live. To get food, nice clothes, and a bed, they have to do sexual favors for Walters friends. This takes place seven nights a week, older rich businessmen, Branson entertainers, politicians, and of course local police officers. Their stories have been very intriguing but did sound very far off base. I remembered Tommy has told me, I looked good enough to eat, I had always let it fly on by without giving anything a second thought.

Being only fourteen, I had never been out on a real date with a boy; there is a neighbor guy that comes over to use the pool when my folks are not home. It’s fun being sneaky with Jeff who is a senior. We like to snuggle and run our hands over the other person’s young body. We hug and kiss, I usually stroke him off a few times during each week for the last couple of years. That is as far as I’ve ever went, well I do get a lot of practice sucking on his lollypop. I’ve talked to my mom about what we are doing. Mom just tells her daughter: “Keep your pants on and you won’t have any problems.”

Next morning, her mom wakes Marcy up for school and has special instructions. “Your father and I are flying to Nashville on business. There are TV dinners in the frig; we’ll be back home late, so don’t wait up for us.” Your father’s law partner Tommy Walters has gotten involved with organized crime: murder for hire, teenage prostitution, extortion, and anything if the price is right. John has talked with local judges, a federal prosecutor, and a congressman. It turned out they are all doing business with Tommy, “Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy the profits.”

John has found a federal prosecutor in Nashville who has agreed to look into the matter if we can bring him the proof. They didn’t know this man also owed Tommy a favor or two, he loved getting a young girl every now and then. The evening after my parents flew to Nashville, this young girl was doing my homework on the kitchen table when the doorbell rang. I looked out a side window, it was two policemen, so I opened the door and inquired: “Hi officers, What’s up?”

The officers replied: “Your parents are both Dead! Their plane exploded as they were trying to take stolen money to a bank somewhere. You are to come with us, we’re to take you to your new home.”

“The Greene County Home for Runaway Girls is where you’ll be living in the future. Put your hands behind your back so we can cuff you. A local judge has taken this house for the court filed documents. Tommy Walters will explain it all to you when you get to your new home.”

One officer asked: “You know this is a nice house, how `bout we make use of one of the bedrooms? Walters said we could have a little fun and she is a real cutie.”

The other officer replied: “There’s no set time for us to deliver her. You hold her and I’ll undress her.” as he grabbed my top, ripping it off, then the shorts I was wearing. “She looks like a virgin, give me your night stick so I can make sure she can handle us both.”

I tried to fight them off, but I ended up naked on the floor, with the nightstick rammed up me front and back. God! it hurt as I got manhandled and raped. I passed out from the pain, and when I came to this process continued for hours as the officers satisfied themselves with my young body.

When they finally finished, they wiped me off with a wet towel, put a strait jacket on me fastened as tight as they could get it. Stuffed a washcloth in my mouth to stop me from screaming. Once in the patrol car, the two rapist officers bragged about what a good piece of ass I was, as they took me to the Walters residence.

Marcy at home
Marcy at Home waiting
Marcy, trying to get away
Marcy, trying to get away

“I know several old guys who would pay $500 or even $1,000 to have her for a full night.” …one officer was saying, as the other one licked his lips and agreed with the comment.

I was escorted into the Walters large home to Carol, Tommy’s wife, who I soon found out liked to play with young girls. “Marcy, you little bitch, you see what happens when you try to cross Tommy and me? Like your parents, you’ll end up dead!” as she and Tommy removed the strait jacket from my naked, somewhat dirty body. They hosed me down inside and out in a large basement shower, as Tommy raped me for what seemed like hours. Carol liked to ram a night stick up my rear. I passed out several times, as I heard them discussing my needing to be sent to the farm for additional training. Not much sleep that night, as I accustomed my mind to the fact my parents are DEAD.

Arriving at the Farm, I learned really fast, there was no escaping my fate. There were two other girls I knew from school who were here to receive more needed training from a group of outlaw bikers. The group changed from day to day as I spent my week three guys at a time. Many times I prayed to God, just to let me die. Somehow I survived and was sent back to the Walters home, to watch as one of the other girls was tortured until she couldn’t scream any more and died.

Tommy took me into a bedroom, stripped my dirty clothes off, gave me a thorough cleaning in a shower, then raped me for over two hours, until his wife came in to have her way with me. “Maybe little girl, you are starting to get the picture, your cute young body is good for only one thing, Getting screwed!”

“This is to be your life until we do NOT need you anymore. Then you get the same treatment as that other girl you just watched. All good things have to come to an end someday. You, I’m sure remember the old judge Charlie Munson, well he’s your date for tonight. You will be dropped at his hotel, go to room 432, and give him everything he asks for, or you’ll go back to the farm for another week. He may have some friends drop by later, so you’ll be a busy slut like you learned to be at the farm. Use that good looking young body of yours to satisfy all participants and no back-talk, or complaining, that is how you stay alive for your next date.”

“Now, we are going to take a few pictures of you naked having sex with Tommy and me to put in our photo album to show potential clients.”

After watching the girl, I had known from school; we had both spent the week together at the farm taking on all comers, then to have the Walters couple torture her to death. They burned the soles of her feet. Her mouth was clamped open to insert a small snake that crawled down her throat. Then a stainless-steel pipe was shoved up her like a dildo, but much further until her blood could be used to fill a large jar. I cried and screamed for hours, but nothing got any better.

On my first date with a client, the judge bragged about how my parents died in their plane as it exploded over southern Illinois. There wasn’t enough left of the three occupants to need for a funeral. First there was the old judge, who wanted me to do him every way, I ended up one gooey mess. Then two more guys showed up who took me to the bathroom, in the shower they violated my body hard, nearly choking I gagged and they just worked on me that much harder. The old judge wanted to watch and warned me not to scream or there would be more rough treatment. This went on until after daylight came streaming into their hotel suite.

Back at the Walters’ home, I was able to get a few hours’ sleep, next I was delivered to a local high school for afternoon classes having to do with sex education. Three male teachers wanted to try out my abilities of taking all three at the same time. Happy with my performance, they got me cleaned up and provided me with nutritional drinks and some really good food. These three who were the first to treat me kindly, became a weekly regular that gave me something to look forward to. Others were mostly just mean!

Marcy going to the Judge
Marcy as delivered to the Judge
Marcy worked HARD
Marcy in the ship's cabin posing for photos

These teachers got the idea across to the Walters couple, the better I looked to the clients, the more money they could charge for my services. Soon, clients were taking me to the best restaurants, and the best hotels. I was given a health-club membership to work-out and use the tanning beds. Nutrition, there was this middle-aged doctor I met at a party where I was taking care of multiple clients. Life was NOT good, but with my parents both dead, and not one friend to my name. I had to make the best of what I had become. The doctor and Tommy made a deal for me to go with the doctor on a two-week Caribbean cruise. Turned out it was an adult only cruise, with guests able to dress as they desired. A bikini for dinner, rest of the time I stayed 100% like I was when I was born.

This doctor started introducing me to other guests, turned out I was to be a major part of the adult entertainment. He and Tommy had agreed on a 50/50 split of what I earned on this trip. Within an hour of the time the ship sailed, the doctor and I had started having a fun time. I thought I heard the cabin door open, but I was rather busy and didn’t look up, next thing I felt was the start of my first of many exercise sessions. Those three paid the doctor $1,000 for an hour with me. They told their friends and more guys just kept coming through our cabin door.

9:30 p.m., dinner was delivered to our cabin, I had 30 minutes to eat and cleanup with a shower. Usually, every two hours I could stop and take a good shower, which most times included help from another customer. Midnight, I got to take off work until 6:30 a.m. which was not that much sleep.

When I awoke, the doctor was wanting his time with me. Having by this time given up all hope for my future, I had to be the best teen whore in the business if I wanted to stay alive. All the customers wanted photos of me to show their male friends back home, so they could brag about the 14-year-old cute slut they had on their adult vacation. By the end of our second week, I’d had to do a few women in singles and threesomes to add to my experience. This was NOT the life I had ever wanted, but I wanted to live as long as possible. When I turned fifteen, I was given a birthday party which lasted for 48 hours. My present was extreme non-stop sex which cost each of the ten men $5,000 cash.

Two or three days a week, I’d make it to school, though Tommy and Carol, both told me not to go unless their driver delivered me. I learned each of my teachers were paying to have me attend their classes. Some days on the way back from school, I’d stop by the church where my parents and I had attended, squat in the entry and shed some tears. Then call to have someone pick me up a few blocks away. I’d have just enough time to get ready for my next date.

Some days I get little to no sleep, unless I’m able to wear the client down and they pass out, then I can sleep on their bed until he or she wakes up. What keeps me going is the fact that I’ve become absolutely addicted to sex. When I show up for a date, the client better be ready to perform at their best, or I may give them a heart attack. More than once I’ve had to contact paramedics through Tommy’s emergency number. When a client pays to have me perform, I’ll make sure that I get satisfied. Multiple orgasms is what I live for, hey it’s not my fault I get off on this JOB!

Old Tommy can still not believe I wore him out not once, but six times so far.

More to this story being added shortly

Marcy missed her parents, BUT
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