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Shelby is 5'8"

Shelby Gore and Susie Wilson were best friends for years, then they had a falling out. Susie is smaller, but she has a mean streak a mile wide. How far will she go to get EVEN with her former best friend? Neither girl has been out on a date for months, so there is a lot that can happen with teenage girls.

Thursday April 14, 1988: Springfield TV-News reported an attempted kidnapping one block south of the Cedarville High School, which left five men dead. No names were given, only the four assailants appeared to be Hispanic, and Old Bob was a local whose car the would-be kidnappers had stolen.

Next day was Friday April 15th, the sexy short, dressed Shelby comes to school wearing a five-carat diamond engagement ring. She and Susie have a run-in early in the day, causing this teenage blonde to head for the only bank in town.

Shelby Gore’s dad is only the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel, Susie’s father is the president of Cedarville State Bank. Both girls are straight A students, A-string cheerleaders, and Shelby is the local track star for the last three years, running a 4-minute mile and has set other records. Shelby is a 16-year-old sophomore, while Susie is a 17-year-old senior, both girls have quite a reputation with the boys.

Something happened over the following weekend, Monday Susie comes to school driving a black 1989 Mercedes 560 SL roadster. These girls are back to being BEST friends. Tuesday after school Susie takes Shelby to get her drivers’ license. Wednesday Shelby is driving a 1989 custom pearl-white Caddie Alante convertible. Where could these high school student girls get this kind of money?

Rumors run FAST in this small town of 1400; Shelby’s dad gets promoted to General Manager of Cedarville Steel. The family of three move to The Hill where the rich people live. Shelby is seen on Sundays at church, sitting with Willie Johnson holding hands. Answers are all in the book.

Susie is only 5"

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