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Website Development at where we build FAST loading WordPress websites with Video banners, backlinks, on Cloudflare CDN

Fast Loading Websites

Beautiful websites are great to look at, they can sell most any type of product, making lots of friends on social media. To build a social media following takes time with regular daily, or weekly posts at the very least. These Blog posts must be of interest to the people receiving them.

Photos can be a good point for building interest, but the average photo found online is 1 to 2 Megs in size. These pictures must be optimized down to less than 50 Kbytes if you want to get your website to load. The websites we build use a built-in cache plugin, a photo optimizer plugin, and the Cloudflare CDN.

Cloudflare provides a Content Delivery Network using their amazing network of worldwide servers. They take your website and geographically distribute it to their group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of your Internet content.

Beautiful and Peaceful

Your Hosting provider may be slowing down your website, depending on the speed of their servers, and the package you were sold. If your site has lots of content, or gets too much traffic, plan on them trying to UPSELL you on a more expensive package.

Henry "Hank" Fulk

Henry "Hank" Fulk

Published the 212 pg novel: "The Dreams of Shelby Gore" Sept. 10, 2020. Building websites since 1993, Check out what we can do for your business.

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